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    In safety

    The Huttopia group worked on new protocols with hygienists, doctors and quality experts from the SOCOTEC group in order to achieve a certification to ensure the highest hygiene and health and safety standards.

    SOCOTEC is a trusted third party which carries out audits and recommendations and guarantees compliance with our commitments. Cleanliness and hygiene have always been of paramount importance at Huttopia and we will therefore be carrying out reinforced hygiene measures when we re-open our sites.


    Strengthened measures and special procedures this season:

    Our commitments for winter holidays with peace of mind:

    1. Respecting the recommendations of the health authorities and the hygiene plan put in place by professionals in the open-air hospitality industry.

    2. Training our teams in the protective measures and hygiene protocols and providing them with protective equipment.

    3. Setting up signage reminding people of the protective measures and social distancing recommendations as well as new circulation systems in the public areas of the sites (reception, central lodge, washrooms, etc.).

    4. Providing hydroalcoholic gel, disinfectant, or soap for our customers and teams in the main communal areas, and raising people’s awareness about the areas where most contact occurs.

    5. Carrying out rigorous and meticulous virucidal cleaning of the communal areas and washrooms several times a day, and of the accommodation at each change of clients, in accordance with the hygiene plan.

    6. Adapting thecheck-in and check-out procedures procedures in order to limit the number of people at reception.

    7. In the case of symptoms, requesting our employees and customers stay at home. If necessary, we will apply the risk management protocol in the event of suspected contagion of a client or employee with COVID-19 in accordance with the recommendations of the health authorities.

    8. Applying the reinforced, specific health and hygiene safety and access guidelines for all our services in accordance with the recommendations of the health authorities.

    Wooden chalets

    We have adapted our cleaning procedures to make them more in depth, and we are increasing our cleaning teams, who are trained and equipped with gloves, masks and protective eyewear for their work.

    Systematic disinfection will be carried out both inside and outside the accommodation, particularly of all contact surfaces (worktops, switches, taps, door handles, tables, chairs, dishes, household appliances, fabrics , bedding, etc…) with regulatory cleaning products. The rental accommodation will be aired throughout the cleaning process.

    We will ask customers to remove their disposable mattress covers and pillow cases themselves, put them in a rubbish bag and place them in the designated rubbish bins.

    Sheets and towels are included.

    All our teams are looking forward to offering you an unforgettable stay under the snow.

    Your Huttopia La Clarée adventure awaits you!

    More information at www.socotec.fr